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Everyday Wellness Routine

Simple Health Tips: Everyday Wellness Routine

In a world that filled with a lot of pollutants, people have lost their ability to gain resistance to fight diseases, and the immune system is deteriorating each growing day. This is the reason why a lot of diseases spread easily in the recent times. Thereby it is important that we safeguard our immune system and develop resistance towards these diseases. However, it is not a one day process. You need to design your everyday routine as healthy as possible so that you can stay strong.


Most of us face a lot of issues in designing a proper daily health routine. While half of the population suffers this issue, others lack the motivation to put a proper plan into practice. So perfect daily routine has to be simple and at the same time effective. To help you out we have illustrated here what a perfect everyday health routine from morning to evening looks like:

Begin the day with…

Your whole day depends on how you begin the day. So if your day hasn’t begun well, then the same will follow throughout the day. So when you start your day, begin it with a glass of water and workout. You minimum workout time is 30 minutes, anything less than that will not provide the expected results. Move briskly and make sure your exercise routines involve all parts of the body. This is what you call an effective workout. Then relax for a while.

Adjust your sleep hours accordingly so that you start the next routine by 6:00 AM. The first thing that you have to do after the workout is your fill your water bottles, and gets yourself a flask of green tea. Drink water as much as possible. Water is the best medicine as it fights against a lot of diseases. Green tea keeps your body active throughout the day and washes out all the unnecessary fat content in your body. Have a breakfast with something like a smoothie or a bowl of porridge. Do not hesitate to have a heavy meal because it is the first food of the day and this is what keeps your body and brain active.

During the day:

Apart from the drinks that you carry, you carry some solid snacks that make you feel fuller and satisfied. It can be something like legumes, salad, etc. Do not forget to drink a lot of water. This will keep your body hydrated all the time. Carry any type of lunch that you feel convenient, but make sure they do not contain too much of fat.

This is how you end your day…

Have some light snacks in the evening along with your green tea. Then if you prefer you can have a minimal workout plan in the evening if time permits. Make sure you hit the bed only after two hours of having your dinner. Your dinner can comprise of dishes that are rich in fibrous carbohydrates. However, avoid a heavy dinner.

Ensure that you sleep at least eight hours a day and avoid sleeping during the daytime.

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